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Roped In (2nd edition) (Marie Sexton & L.A. Witt)

Roped In - Marie Sexton, L.A. Witt

Review for the 2nd edition from Riptide

I didn't read the first edition, so I didn't know whether there were any differences. BUT, I found myself loving this. It exactly fit with my mood :).

I enjoyed the opposites attract situation -- Graham being a rodeo guy and Kaz being an animal activists -- I thought there was strong chemistry between the two of them. Heck, I even enjoyed their sexy times with the ropes ^^. I read all the scenes, because I found it to be engaging -- probably because I already loved the characters.

I also found the resolution to their different ideals to be perfect. heck, I even thought about it before the final page. With Graham's love towards horses and Kaz's wanting to be in the rescue mission, it was the right answer to everything. I can easily imagine Graham and Kaz making compromises along the way -- not just about foods (since Kaz is a vegan and Graham is not (*LOL*)

In addition, I enjoyed the internal and external conflicts between Graham and his roping partner, Jackson. I liked that it was complicated, but it also ended in a hopeful note. I'm glad that their friendship survived, although with a little cracks here and there. And I would love to read more about Jackson.

Bottom line: loved it (and the new cover is GORGEOUS) :)