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Death and Relaxation (Devon Monk)

Death and Relaxation - Devon Monk

3.75 stars

Devon Monk is one of my favorite urban fantasy authors. I don't think I ever find a book from hers that I don't like ever since I discovered her Allie Beckstrom series five years ago. ALTHOUGH, I did skip her Age of Steam series, mainly because I'm not really a fan of steampunk.

Anyway, this new series of her is another one that I enjoy and definitely will follow. It's a little bit lighter than her usual story. Sure, there's a dead god which fell into Delaney's jurisdiction, but things didn't feel too intense, or too life-threatening, like what I found in her other series.

I wholeheartedly loved the idea of Ordinary -- a town where supernatural beings secretly mingled with mortals: like the two of the best firefighters, Ben and Jame, one a vampire and the other a werewolf, or a Valkyrie, or a gill-man who tends a bar ... and of course, this is also the town where gods (yes, gods) take their vacation.

So we have Thor, and Zeus, and Hera, and Raven, and Odin, and Ares (though some of them using different mortal names), and latest addition ... Thanatos. I loved the concept of these gods surrendering the power while on vacation, which makes them mortal (and on that note, can die!)

Of course, an urban fantasy story will be boring without conflict. Which comes in form of a murdered god. When Heimdall is killed, Delaney is up to the task of both finding his murderer and at the same time, to find a mortal to transfer Heimdall's power to (this mortal will then become god, as in another Heimdall).

I liked Delaney -- despite few things where I thought she could be a bit reckless (not locking her doors, not exactly paying serious thoughts to her sister's warning) but I liked her attitude. I thought she was pretty good as chief of police and could be resourceful. I did think she needed to be more level-headed when it comes to the romance, though. It seemed that when Ryder was in the same vicinity, Delaney became a bit useless.

I also really liked her sisters. These Reed girls were awesome.

Oh and Ryder ... at the moment, I reserve my thoughts about thim. That thing he did with Delaney was a jerk move. So I would need him to come up with a very good explanation or a very good groveling.

All in all, a good start of a new series. It was quite funny too -- like the Rhubarb Competition, that was HIGHLY entertaining. Luckily the 2nd book will be released next month! SO yay for more gods in Ordinary :)