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When I Grow Up (John Goode)

When I Grow Up (Tales from Foster High) - John  Goode

3.25 stars

Some things I loved. Some things I liked. Some things I didn't like. Some things I didn't care about...

Things I loved

I felt that I have been with Kyle and Brad since the very beginning, five years, seven books, and few short stories ago. So I loved being with them, watching them growing up as they left the town of Foster. Stumbled into life uncertainties, wrong choices, fear of the unknown, jealousy, making mistakes along the way, but then found their way back to each other with what I hope to be wiser decisions.

I thought John Goode did really well in this part. Clearly he cared about these boys, and myself as a reader felt the same way. The third epilogue made me smile, and I can't wait to read about them in their twenties.

Things I liked

I liked the additional 'voice' of Troy, [Kyle's half brother]. I definitely think he had his own story to tell. I don't really care if he's not gay, I kind of want to read something about him. Despite his sexuality. Oh, and I also liked to get more voices of Robbie. This father figure for Kyle (and Brad to that extent) was also somebody dear to my heart, every since he burst into the scenes few books ago.

Things I didn't like

Brad's decision ... [he actually stayed with the person who DRUGGED him?!?]. I know that Brad could be a little bit naive, like he only sees the possibility of good things from other people. But this borders to stupidity. I didn't like that because it seemed like enforcing stereotype of jocks are stupid *shrugs*.

Things I didn't care about

Tyler. Matt. Seriously, these two are my least favorite characters from the Foster-verse. And no matter what they did, I couldn't seem to find myself liking them as individuals or as a couple. Before, I only didn't care about Tyler (I'm still too vindictive about him). But here, with Matt, acting like he's what, Robbie's best friend? Trying to warn Sebastian about his intention?? To me Matt is acting all high and mighty. See Matt, you are NOT Robbie's anything. So screw you.

Yeah, these two I didn't care about. Actually, maybe this should fall into things I didn't like. I don't even think that I want to read their next book (but darn there will be Robbie and Sebastian there, I'm conflicted!).

Oh, I didn't care about reading Coach Gunn's narration too *shrugs*

I guess in the end, why I ended up giving this 3-stars was that this story to have a little too many perspectives for what I wanted to be a Kyle and Brad's book. I don't mind getting updates from other characters, but maybe in their own books, rather than stealing the thunder from the two boys that hold my heart in their hands.

Especially Tyler and Matt. Urgh.