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Lost Soul (Adam J. Wright)

Lost Soul: Harbinger P.I. (Alec Harbinger, Preternatural Investigator) (Volume 1) - Adam J Wright

3.5 stars

Alec Harbinger P.I. (that's Preternatural Investigator) is being demoted from Chicago by the Society of Shadows to work at small-quiet-in-the-middle-of-nowhere town of Dearmont, Maine, after an event in Paris, which involves (view spoiler).

In the beginning Alec doesn't think that the small town will give him enough job dealing with preternatural beings. But just on the first day of working, he already gets two cases involving a man who seems to have a personality change overnight and another man who is sure that he's being bitten by werewolf. So Dearmont, Maine, might be flourish with business after all...


I really liked this!! I thought it was a good start of urban fantasy series which I can see myself following. Alec was pretty likeable as a main hero. He didn't sound too sarcastic, or a lone-wolf kind of hero, which often flourished in the genre. Sure, he had a daddy issue, with his father being an important member of the Society, but Alec didn't really being rebellious or harboring deep anger towards him. I was a little worry of Alec being a little too 'naive' in securing deals with witches and faerie though, but maybe he had his reasons.

Anyway, this book also has two secondary characters -- Alec's new assistant Felicity ((view spoiler)) and his best friend with benefits, Mallory. I hope this will not be some sort of love triangle or something! But so far, I liked both women as well.

It didn't really have intense, life-hanging-on-the-balance situation yet -- Alec was able to get the answer of the mystery regarding the man with personality change, as well as helping the werewolves, but the whole Paris business seemed to be the bigger arc, which would bring more trouble to Alec's life in the next books. And I already bought book two even before I finished this one :)