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Undercover Boyfriend (Jacob Z. Flores)

Undercover Boyfriend (Dreamspun Desires Book 12) - Jacob Z. Flores

3.5 stars

Cutely entertaining. Might be a little crack and over-the-top situation alongside big meddling family which pretty much common in trope like this but I liked both the MCs. Marty, especially, showing a lot of backbone that he originally started. Luke was pretty competent agent too, at least he showed that he had some deadly skills.

Sure, the romance ended up having a little instant-love element to it, but hey, at least Marty and Luke didn't immediately burn the sheet right off the bat!! I thought they had chemistry and I enjoyed ALL of their scenes together.

This story also had some funny lines, which amused the hell out of me. Although for a story that had silliness in it, it also resulted in a couple of seriously dead bodies!!

My friend, Irene, said that the older sister annoyed her. In the beginning, I couldn't see why. I thought it was a usual older sister thing to do, to annoy her little siblings (I sure do that to my younger sister). But then I saw what Irene meant. Sophia ended up being quite self-centered bitch midway, and I didn't know if it was meant as her character flaws or something. She did bother me in the end. Mama Valdez, on the other hand, she was pretty kick-ass.

My first book by Jacob Z. Flores; and I really liked it :)