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Time Waits (C.B. Lewis)

Time Waits - C.B. Lewis

4.25 stars

C.B. Lewis is a new-to-me author. I bought her short, Man's Best Friend, first from DSP Daily Dose 2016 Collection and I liked her writing style. I decided to take a dive in and read this debut novel of hers, released in 2015.

Well, I was in such a NICE surprise!! Because this was great! The story hooked me from the very get go, during that first chapter where Nagos ran for his life and then stumbled into the temporal gate, which then brought him to the future. Manchester in 2041 to be exact. Then Dieter came into the room, and there was sort of a gun-point situation because Nagos was in daze about where he was ....

And I just couldn't stop reading

Lewis's writing clicks with me. Interestingly, I discovered that she was a fan fiction author, which probably a plus point for her to me. See, sometimes I find fan fiction authors have 'different/unique/loose' storytelling that doesn't feel 'too mainstream'; if you can understand what I mean.

Anyway, I was immersed in this world Lewis created; with Dieter and Janos as characters, Dieter's job at the Temporal Research Institute (and what the agents were doing), and then near the end, when one of their agents went rouge and tried to change the course of history. It was pretty gripping. I definitely enjoyed the whole WW1 history too!!

The romance was slow-built but believable. I thought Dieter and Janos had strong chemistry, and heck, I was loving them so much, their sex scenes became significant for me to read (ha!). It was good :)

Few complaints would be related to Dieter's cursing. I am okay with a lot of curse words, but Dieter used a couple that I truly hate: cunt -- urgh, I hate that word. I hate it in MF, during sex, and now as swearing? Totally uncool! Also faggot because come on! It's 2041, shouldn't that word have been banned?!

Oh, and I also thought that the future setting in this book was a bit unclear. While yes, Dieter and Janos spend more time at TRI, but I couldn't really feel the future outside of TRI? Like, shouldn't it be more, well, 'futuristic'? It is not well described, in my opinion.

But apart from that, this would be one of the most memorable reads from a relatively new-to-me author this year. I'm so happy that I read it. Now I cannot wait for the upcoming book next month!