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Damned if You Do (Marie Sexton)

Damned If You Do - Marie Sexton
3.5 stars

Abbadon has not been able to meet his soul quota and the failure to do so will result in demotion. So Abaddon is set to do the ultimate soul acquisition, something SO BIG that he didn't have to do any soul taking anymore, a golden ticket to promotion. And where else would he get this pure soul? None other than the Bible's Belt, ladies and gentlemen.

I immediately liked Abaddon, there was something really funny about devil who thought soul acquisition was a drag of a job. I admit I was a bit hesitant when Abaddon met Seth for the first time though. Seth definitely quoted Bible quite a lot -- and as a Muslim those verses got lost on me. Never really good in interpreting holy words, I guess :). I was also worried where the story would took direction, with Seth being part of a revival group.

BUT, this was ultimately a sweet story. Although it involved a devil and a faithful young blind musician, but it didn't went at all preachy. I enjoyed the twist about Seth and how Abaddon and Seth found a way to be together in the end (yes, people, there is HEA, so no worries!).

However, I also didn't quite grasp the relationship built, especially in Seth's part. I mean, Seth was blind and as much as I don't understand about sexual attraction (being asexual that I am), I think the way that someone's look do play part on it? So I wonder how Seth could find himself falling for Abaddon. They didn't really spend a lot of time together because the revival group kept moving places and Abaddon practically ran around Hell to find loop hole in his mission to retrieve Seth's soul. It was easier for me to believe that Abaddon could fall for Seth and his pure soul rather than the other way around.

Conclusion: It was sweet and light romance involving character with strong religious faith. Oh, and watch out for the snakes. I mean it. There were A LOT OF SNAKES!!!

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