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A Kind of Romance (Lane Hayes)

A Kind of Romance - Lane Hayes

3.75 stars rounded up

Some things I liked way better than the previous book, A Kind of Truth. I liked that there were no bitchy, two-dimensional 'villains' here. The conflict mainly comes internally, with Zeke's inability to forgive or to let go, and how he kept insisting that he and Benny were not real boyfriends. Oh, and I truly loved that last scene between Zeke and his father, George. I cried over that. Couldn't help it *sniff*

As the main narrator, I liked Zeke slightly less than Rand, though. I knew that he would do something stupid because of his personal attitude, so I was not as patient with him. He also spent a little too long thinking, so the story felt rather dragging in the middle ... with more inside monologues rather than outward actions.

All in all, these two books were pretty enjoyable. I liked Benny, much more than Zeke. Funnily, in book #1, I also liked William much more than Rand. I guess their significant others are way more endearing than both Rand and Zeke ^_^.