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Grave Intentions (Lori Sjoberg)

Grave Intentions - Lori Sjoberg

3.5 stars

Sjoberg is a new-to-me author and I'm happy to say I think her writing works with me. I enjoyed the work of the reapers here; and both the MCs were likable enough.

However, I also felt that the romance was not very prominent. David spent more of his time on page training Adam (whom I actually loved, especially when he decided to adopt a dog *laugh*) while Sarah was busy either with her work at the research lab, or visiting her grandmother. When David and Sarah were together, some scenes were also "summarized" as paragraphs.

So I enjoyed the paranormal aspect as well as reading about the life and mechanics of being Death agents. But on the romance front, it wasn't a winner. Having said that, I would still check out the next book. Probably because I was already invested with secondary characters of Reapers: Ruby, Dimitri, and of course Adam.