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Love Can't Conquer (Kim Fielding)

Love Can't Conquer - Kim Fielding
"You can’t conquer everything with love. But it sure makes a hell of an ally"

What a beautiful and wise saying -- and that is the core of this story about two men in their forties, each with their own baggage, who found each other and in that sense also help each other (it had a rather happenstance circumstances to it, which always wonderful in romance). It was in the same vein of another Fielding's book, Rattlesnake, which was released last year.

I found this to be well-written and grounded; a love story that has substance. Sure, it has moody tone as well considering what both Jeremy and Qay had been through; especially Qay who survived an abusive home and years of being drug addict. This is what I love from Fielding's story. Her characters might start in a not a good place (sometimes even being in pain or tortured!!), or has endured loneliness, or feeling okay but not completely happy ... but Fielding always infused a hopeful feel to it.

So despite me having to read about Jeremy, handling his bloody ex-boyfriend, then finding out that his ex is dead, or about Qay and that awful situation with his family, including the death of his brother, I know that they will be fine in the end. That what makes Fielding's story so engaging. I didn't even take a detour by reading other titles when I read this. I wanted to see how Jeremy and Qay grab their happiness.

It is a gorgeous, lovely, real love story, and it definitely lingers with me even after I reached the last page.

PS: I did wonder about [where the hell Donny kept that USB drive! (hide spoiler)] It bought Jeremy to a very bad situation, so I was a little disappointed that my curiosity didn't get any answer.