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Wicked Embers (Keri Arthur)

Wicked Embers: A Souls of Fire Novel - Keri Arthur

I am a little bit torn -- at one hand, I felt like things were really going nowhere with the investigation towards the red plague virus, but at the same time, there WERE significant information that came to surface ([Sam is actually infected with the virus while Luke (Sam's older brother) is still alive and he controls the red cloaks).

I guess the investigation felt rather repetitive and it frustrated me a bit: Em and Jackson would find clues, they would kick some of the 'lower players' ass, then they would encountered PIT, and then the villains would have another move, then Em and Jackson followed the clues, they fought again, and encountered PIT ... and rinse and repeat. In between, we had Em reminding us readers that Sam is the love of her lifetime this time but Rory is her life mate -- while Jackson the fae doesn't want commitment, so it's good to have sex with him from time to time. Well, at least the sex part was toned down a bit.

So at times I would skim the story because I started to lose interest, but then I liked the new information provided.

I guess I will still try to read book #3 and see how I will go from there.