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Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods (Asta Idonea)

Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods: FAIRYTALES AND MYTHS FOR THE MODERN GAY - Asta Idonea

DRAGGED INTO LOVE (Þrymskviða): 2.5 stars

I was miffed with Theo for offering her sister to get his guitar back!! Good thing Fran didn't budge, and I loved her boyfriend Hayden to tell Theo to go instead (ha! take THAT Theo!). I liked Luke though and I felt sorry for him to have to go through with the plan. Not like he did anything wrong. Theo should be responsible for everything by himself!! I didn't root for this couple, mostly because I thought Theo was selfish while Graham was a little bit weird.

LOVE’S CODE (Ariadne and Theseus): 3 stars

Seriously? A rotation every 6 months through trials and tests?? Is that even a good working environment?!? And yes, what Andre did was basically cheating. But I liked this better than the previous story because the whole programming languages was a reminder of the early days while I was still a student. Even if I left that field 25 years ago (OMG I AM OLD!!!). I remember coding with C language and learning about HTML. Of course the rest (CCS and Phython) were lost to me but still it was memorable. Besides, I had more feel towards Andre/Eren compared to Theo/Graham.

GUESSING GAMES (Rumpelstiltskin): 2 stars

URGH, I DISLIKED THIS ONE! First of all, Sasha was incompetent as an employee. He lied through his interview, and he let other person ("Jack") to do his job (even if he ended up paying for Jack's expertise). Sorry, but I disliked that kind of attitude. I have had experiences of working with people, who don't know how to do their job properly, and instead telling others to do it. I mean at least Andre (from the 2nd story, Love's Code) knew what he was doing, and he only needed few helps from Eren. But Sasha?! Urgh! It was difficult for me to find the fun in this little story, when all I wanted to do was fire Sasha right off the bat. And I also disliked Jack ... asking payment like that. Supporting incompetency at work place *hmph*

ASSIGNATIONS AND ULTIMATUMS (The Strange Elopement of Tinirau): 3 stars

I am starting to seriously questioned this company!! Kopp was a leach!! I was quite happy that Ross was able to step out of his father's demand though, and he was even willing to discuss the predicament of the blackmail with Hunter first. So this was better than the previous story.

LOST AND FOUND (Cinderella): 3.5 stars

Now THIS was cute. I didn't really understand what drove Cillian's feel of wanting to be unnoticed. But I liked the fact that this story had two POVs (compared to the previous four) so I knew what both Cillian and Mark were thinking. Plus I had to applaud (and kind of amused!) Mark's determination to find his Adonis.

A DEBT IS A DEBT (Beauty and the Beast): 3.5 stars

Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of my favorite fairy tales. So I enjoyed this one. Dunstant fit the character of "Beast" and I loved Wynn, who was resolved of doing his best despite whatever Dunstant threw at him. Plus the ending was sweet -- Wynn was able to tame the Beast after all and become his "consort". Probably my favorite of the whole anthology.