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Shotgun (Marie Sexton)

Shotgun - Marie Sexton

2.75 stars rounded up

I loved Marie Sexton's Coda series -- Promise was one of my earliest introductions into MM romance about six years ago -- but this one definitely my least favorite.

I put ALL the blame on Dominic's shoulder. I thought he was a coward. *scoff* The way he pushed Lamar away with his flimsy excuse AFTER he promised that he would never leave Lamar was off-putting. I was actually wishing that Lamar would stick to his gun and cut off anything relationship-related with Dominic. Yeah, sure, Dominic finally stepped forward in the end, but I already felt pissed off with his hot and cold attitude. Lamar could do better.

I was having difficulties to believe that they were in love with one another, especially when I thought their friendship was a bit on the surface only. Sure, they spent a lot of times doing Legos, but the 'reconnecting after 15 years part' was a bit glossed over, so I just didn't feel it, you know?

I liked Lamar okay; I was glad when he told Dominic to leave (or make a decision). BUT, I was also having doubts when it came to his depression. I mean, I didn't doubt that he was depressed. He seemed like he was. But then the depression was simply gone? Because, what? Because of Dominic? Because of the friendship over Legos? I mean, really? Was it that easy to cure depression if Lamar was as depressed as he said he was?

I'm rounding the rating up because I thought the women in their lives: Elena and Naomi ... rocked!! I also enjoyed seeing the previous Coda characters again: Matt, Jared, Angelo, and Zach. Angelo was awesome and Matt was amusing with his jealousy over anyone looking at Jared with lust *lol*. Not sure if I want to know that Angelo and Zach still doing their open relationship policy; but hey, it works for them so I'm not going to judge.