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Once Was Lost (A Marty Singer Mystery) - Matthew Iden

3.75 stars rounded up

After experimenting with different style of writing for the previous book and short story (using multiple POVs to tell the plot), I was happy that Matthew Iden decided to go back to the 'original' style -- with retired homicide detective, Marty Singer, completely taking the driver's seat: being the only narrator. I loved Marty Singer's dry humor so I wasn't too fond of sharing his voice with other characters.

This book is structured with two parts, the first part was Marty helping Tommy Donlan and his son, Bobby, to disappear. The second part, due to sudden circumstance, Marty had to try finding Tommy again.

I enjoyed the first part! Tommy was that character you could easily dislike but at the same time, his love for his kid felt true, you couldn't help to sympathize for him as well. So I could understand Marty's reaction to Tommy. I loved the secondary character, Amar, who was rocking his skill with discovering people's identity. The first part was pretty good.

The second part, though, was dragging a bit. I didn't really liked the idea of Marty having to find Tommy and his son again, not after everything he had done to help Tommy and Bobby disappeared in the first place. I wasn't fond of the appearance of two characters in the second part either. And that one particular scene where Marty was almost having sexual something with another woman, while he was still in relationship with Julie felt so out of place.

All in all, I loved it better than book #5 but the first half of the book was more engaging rather than the second part.

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