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Under A Blood-Red Moon (Stephen Osborne)

Under a Blood-red Moon (Duncan Andrews Thrillers Book 5) - Stephen P. Osborne

4.25 stars

Five years and five books later -- ever since I first read the first Duncan Andrews book, Pale as a Ghost in 2011 -- finally, this latest installment was able to make me CRY. Darn you, Stephen Osborne! Why did you do that to

Elton?!? Why must he died?!? He just lost his pet rat! And I am so much looking forward to this demon being part of the crazy gang!

(show spoiler)

Yep, a casualty within Duncan Andrews' book. And I was a bit worried with the premonition talks too for the next books...

However, because of that, Under the Blood-Red Moon also became one of my most favorites so far in this series. I loved both the cases -- the one with werewolves was fully concluded while the other one with the Gorgon, I assume will be the main plot for the next book -- and the relationship. There was a strong feel of tenderness and protectiveness from Duncan now towards Robbie, now that his lover no longer a ghost, which I adored so very much.

And I totally welcomed the new addition to the gang -- hello, Casey, I hope you be with Nick for long time!! I also hoped that Detective Carson would become full member too. It would be nice to have a 'plain' human alongside Duncan, the former ghost lover, the one who can see ghosts, the witch, the one with the shining, and the dead-zombie dog ^^

Osborne's humor was very strongly present in Duncan's quips, which made me frequently smiled despite the seriousness of the threats coming from the werewolves. I always love that part; Osborne's writing clicks with me perfectly.

I cannot wait for the next book. I wish Mr. Osborne releases one each year (at least), like the usual time release for my beloved Urban Fantasy Mainstream series.