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Press & Hold (Megan Linden)

Press & Hold (DC Files Book 3) - Megan Linden

3.5 stars

I read this one several days ago -- don't know why I forget to write down my opinion. Anyway, this third installment of Linden's D.C. Files series featured a couple whose relationship had been in the making since book #2 ... Sam's personal assistant, Stevie Callan, and British reporter Will Newbrough. They had been doing the flirting do-they-don't-they for a while, it had become a source of entertainment as well as not-so-secret bet at the office.

Clearly Stevie and Will had the chemistry and I enjoyed their relationship very much. I imagined I would definitely make a bet on them myself if I work at the White House *lol*. Their biggest obstacle was Stevie's job as personal assistant of the White House Chief of Staff; which could become a scrutiny with him dating a reporter. It also had a family issue of Stevie's father's health going down rapidly.

All in all, a very nice addition to the series. I think the next book might be about Stevie's cousin? It seemed that he might have something related to that senator. Whoever the couple will be, I'm definitely IN for the next one.