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Fire Up My Heart

Fire Up My Heart - Asta Idonea

3.75 stars rounded up

I took a chance in this new-to-me author because the blurb intrigued me. Well, my gambling paid off. I LOVED this!! I think what made me loving it so, was the fact that it was not my usual read, but not too different. It still had urban flair to it (I don't do so well with high fantasy or sci-fi genre, trust me) although it was set in the near future of London

This was a novella (23k) which could be read quickly. Did I wish that it was longer? Sure. It would be nice to read more about Fane and Jo-E on their day-to-day activities. HOWEVER, despite the practically short time span, this time, I thought the length was perfect to cover everything. From Fane finding Jo-E on a dumpster, Fane and Jo-E establishing relationship/friendship, Jo-E discovering his human feels, up to the threat to Jo-E's existence.

The plot was tight, the future-world well-established, and the characters engaging. Being a bot, Jo-E's parts felt different, and I could easily felt his changes; as he learned about himself and Fane, as well as understanding feeling. I fell in love with Jo-E right off the bat; the way he asked Fane whether he could help tidying up Fane's apartment was so endearing!! I loved Fane too, but it was as extension to my loving Jo-E, you know?

All in all, this was a great novella for me. The ending was so sweet!! Totally worth spending less an hour for.