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Demon Duke (S.J. Frost)

Demon Duke (Paranormal Nobles Book 2) - S.J. Frost

3.75 stars rounded up

Demon Duke was the sequel to Vampire Prince; I read the first edition a couple of years ago and had wanted to read more about Sal and his witchy poo (cute endearment!!). I was happy when I saw this book finally being available.

Calvin (the witchy poo) is in need of help of 'miracle' to cure his older brother, Nathan. So he decides to make a deal with Sal, since Sal promises that he can do that. Of course, it isn't really simple because Nathan is not exactly in favor of demons ^^

Sometimes, all I want is to read something easy, fun, and light on angst factor. Demon Duke definitely fell into that category. Also, it was able to elevate my reading mood -- I laughed several times over, thanks to the antics of these characters. The part where Nathan practically cock-blocked his brother, and threw holy water to Sal example *I'm still grinning!*.

See, I felt like I got some blah reads over the past few days, so I was really entertained with this one. Yes, it was predictable, and it got rather mushy, but books that could make me laugh got my stamp of approval.

While it was light, there was still a big action near the end when Sal's life was being threaten by another demon. But Calvin showed everyone that he was a bad-ass witch, and everything went happily ever after for our demon and his witchy poo.

Now I wonder who will be next in the road to forever love. With new characters being introduced (Nathan and the demon prince, Sy) as well as old faces (Basil and Malcolm), my mind is making possibilities: Nathan and Basil? Nathan and Malcolm? Basil and Sy? Well, hopefully it will be another fun ride.