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Cherish the Land (Ariel Tachna)

Cherish the Land - Ariel Tachna

3.5 stars

I think this is probably the FINAL book of Lang Downs series? Because it seemed like it tied up all loose ends, including 'matching' up Jason and Seth, who have been together as best friends since early in book #2.

Cherish the Land had two major plots. One is Seth and Jason. The other one is the death of Devlin Taylor, Jeremy's older brother as well as owner of Taylor Peak. This shook up Lang Downs quite a bit because now Jeremy becomes the owner of that neighborhood ranch, which means that he has to leave Lang Downs, taking Sam with him.

Seth and Jason's relationship felt, well, naturally easy? I mean, there wasn't a big blow-out or complicated angst for them to get together. At least the way I saw it :). Sure, Seth was dealing with his insecurity, but even (view spoiler) didn't feel like it was deeply explored to the point that it became the biggest obstacle of their relationship, you know?

I guess in my point of view, Seth had great support system too at Lang Downs: Jason, his brother Chris, as well as Caine and Macklin. Jason was solid -- he also had good childhood and awesome set of parents. He was pretty normal, for lack of better word ... and he knew that he would always be on Seth's side, no matter what. So it never got to the point where I was frustrated with Seth when he took two steps back from the relationship. I knew that everyone would not let Seth did that, including (and most of all) Jason.

I got more emotional with Jeremy's story-line -- even if Devlin was a homophobic dickwad but he was still family to Jeremy. So losing his brother wasn't easy for Jeremy. I enjoyed reading how everyone rallying up to help Jeremy and Sam, in order to keep Taylor Peak and to make things work over there.

This book just felt familiar. Even if I have only found this series this year and gobbling up five books this month alone, it still felt like coming home to characters I have known for long time. I liked reading about them. In overall, everything coming together for these people. I could honestly say that Cherish the Land was a good and satisfying closure to the whole series :).