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Hexbreaker (Jordan L. Hawk)

Hexbreaker - Jordan L. Hawk

Confession, I did not remember anything from The 13th Hex, which is the prequel of this new series :p. However, I had no problem immersing myself with this novel at all!! Definitely a new series to follow from Jordan L. Hawk.

I thought it was very interesting world-built -- witches and their familiars, New York City in the end of 1890's, magic and hexes ... oh yes, I loved it!! I tend to have good record with urban fantasy series that involved witches so I was really excited with this one.

I loved that Tom blew away all of Cicero's initial perceptions -- it was very entertaining to read. That Tom was nothing like what Cicero has in mind, that he was noble and kind. Cicero was flamboyant enough for the two of them (hey, he was a cat after all!). I enjoyed reading their relationship bloomed and how they worked together to find who was responsible behind the hex that made people murderous.

I heard that each book in this series will have different couples (Owen Yates, the forensic hexman, is next!!) and it made me really excited. All those other familiars and their animal shapes are just too good not to take center stage :)