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You Can Leave Your Boots On (Irene Preston)

You Can Leave Your Boots On - Irene Preston

2.75 stars

It was okay -- at least I was able to finish this (the other Preston's book, I DNF-ed). I thought the emotions when they fight were palpable and I was really pulled into it. Their snappy discussions were also good.

BUT, I didn't really enjoy the fact that the bulk of this story was mainly about the sex (it even included an angry sex in the end!!) rather than how their relationship progressed from that blind date to where they were in the end. There were few things that I would love to see being on-page -- like when Bo finally told his parents about his sexuality (and how they received it), or what happened before Travis went back to Austin.

Those things matter to me more. Because it wasn't present, I didn't feel the falling in love process between these two men.