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Chase The Stars (Ariel Tachna)

Chase the Stars - Ariel Tachna

3.5 stars

I enjoyed this more so than the first book, even if the story did feel a little mundane in the middle. I could feel Chris and Jesse's connection much stronger than Caine and Macklin (I was surprised when Caine and Macklin had their first kiss, but I was anticipating Chris and Jesse's here).

Despite it began with Chris being bashed for being gay (though I had no idea how the bashers found out, it pretty much happened off page) but the story didn't have strong angst throughout. With Chris and Jesse working together at Lang Downs, which was very tolerant with homosexuality considering the owner and the foreman were gay, the problem with Chris and Jesse was more of Jesse's being a drifter. That he didn't see their relationship as long-term and wasn't sure he was ready to take 'responsibility' with Chris having his younger brother in tow (despite Seth already a teenager, not exactly a kid).

I liked how they worked things out; Chris didn't let Jesse go without a fight, and Jesse had quite big words to show his remorse *haha*. I also enjoyed the fact that this story didn't focus on sex scenes. I am a reader who ALWAYS welcome little to no sex -- I focus on romance, and romance doesn't necessarily mean sex scenes ^_^

I also enjoyed the updates with Caine and Macklin's relationship. The part where they had dinner with Caine's parents was particularly sweet.

I am rather weary with the blurb for the third book though. "Emotionally abusive wife" -- yeah, I had enough of females being portrayed negatively in MM romance. Like we are major obstacle for the men to be together. But I still want to find out about what happens at Lang Downs. URGH, decision, decision.