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Duke in Hiding (M.J. O'Shea)

Duke in Hiding - M J O'Shea

This is the second Dreamspun book I read -- as recommended by my friend, Irene, who thought the book had couple of things I would enjoyed: slow built and small town romance.

Well, I thought it was a nice read, indeed. I liked the idea of Heath being a duke who had to hide in this small-town all the way in the United States. Despite the misunderstanding in the beginning -- with Heath being arrogant jackass because he was uncomfortable *laugh* -- I thought Heath and Theo had good chemistry together. I would've liked it if I could spend more time with them after Theo found out Heath's real identity, though. It would've been a much satisfactory closure.

I did have few problems with it -- I thought the 'death threats' problem was a little under-cooked. Honestly, I didn't understand why Heath needed to go to Maplehurst, New Hampshire, to get away from it. WHY Maplehurst of all place? I tried to remember if the town had anything to do with Heath's family or something but I couldn't recall any reason. Also the handling of the death threat happened off page so it really didn't give any intense or urgent vibe to it. It was like a minor buzz in the ear *shrugs*.

Also the built up towards the ending (a.k.a. the reveal and how Theo dealt with Heath being a duke) didn't satisfy me. It was a combination of too much of a rush but at the same time also felt like the story running out of steam. It wasn't a tidy way to give a climax in my humble opinion.

So yeah, nice read but not exactly a winner if my book...