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Realm of Mirrors (Sonya Bateman)

Realm of Mirrors (The DeathSpeaker Codex) (Volume 3) - Sonya Bateman

Realm of Mirrors is the third installment in Sonya Bateman's The DeathSpeaker Code series. In this book Gideon finally visits the land of his father's ancestry, Arcadia, although not exactly in an advantage situation. Daoin and Taeral are captured and taken to Arcadia, while Reun followed along trying to save the two. So Gideon and Sadie are going to Arcadia to help saving them with the help of a new character, an Unseelie cast-off named Uriskel...

I really thought Gideon kicked ass here!! Basically because Gideon finally learned a whole lot more about his magic and ability as Deathspeaker after a Sluagh gave him tips. So yes, I was quite happy because he didn't suffer as much as the previous two books. Not that I didn't sympathize for what Taeral, Daoin, or Reun were going though in Arcadia though ... but it was nice to read about Gideon expanding his talent rather than being tortured by the bad people. I mean, that guy could take a breather!

It wasn't as intense as the previous two books but I surely though the development of Gideon's ability to be great progress. I can't wait to read book #4