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Imperfect Harmony (Jay Northcote)

Imperfect Harmony - Jay Northcote

Imperfect Harmony is a story of two men who are connected through music while trying to move on from loss of loved ones. John, forty-year-old former musician now a supply teacher and Rhys, twenty-three-year-old also former musician now a choir leader...

I start to think of Northcote's stories as nice and dependable, something I can read when I just want easy and familiar situation. This is the 6th Jay Northcote's book that I read ... and while it wasn't mind-blowing for me but I didn't dislike it either. Both John and Rhys were likable, and the main problem for both coming from the 19-years age gap between them, which of course followed the usual path of John worrying about it and Rhys trying to reassure his older lover that age doesn't matter when it comes to love.

However, I admit that I felt more detached with this story compared to the last Northcote's story I read (The Law of Attraction). I think the problem lies in me. I'm not a visual person, I always have difficult time imagining things visually if I only read text. And when it comes to music, I can enjoy them when I actually listen to them. Lyrics don't move me well -- I pay attention more to how I enjoy the music rather than the lyrics.

In this book, music plays a huge role for both men, but I couldn't picture the music in my head. Since I can't listen to the music, and only relies on the description, the lyrics offered here (like when Rhys writing that song, "Second Chances") didn't move me at all. It's just text for me. Maybe if there is an actual song that I can hear, it will work better. But since there's not, well, the impact is less effective for me.