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Affiliations, Aliens, and Other Profitable Pursuits (Lyn Gala)

Affiliations, Aliens, and Other Profitable Pursuits - Lyn Gala

3.75 stars rounded up

I still have my head spinning when it comes to understanding Rownt culture -- but I had to give thumbs up to Lyn Gala for building that, of course.

What I totally LOVED was the devotion of Ondry and Liam as a couple. It was just so wonderful (and romantic!) to read. Especially know that Ondry knows about the human's habit to kiss (ha!)

I kind of liked Framkie for challenging Liam's loyalty and love towards Ondry (or the Rownt) because it was a sound argument. Not like Framkie seemed like he tried to manipulate Liam, but there would always be questions from humans about things they don't understand, right? So I enjoyed that part.