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One Night Charmer (Maisey Yates)

One Night Charmer: Hometown Heartbreaker Bonus (Copper Ridge Novels) - Maisey Yates

What I Liked

+ Sierra, despite being young and inexperienced, I thought she was the better of the two (compared to Ace). I loved her spirit. I loved that she wanted to make something of herself, not just because she came from the West family, especially after she found out that her father had an affair which resulted in her having a grown-up half-brother. I loved her tenacity of wanting to prove everyone wrong, that she could stand on her two feet. She is a heroine I can cheer on, for sure.

+ The banter was fun -- at times

What I Didn't Care About

+ The pregnancy (before getting married). Seriously, it wasn't a favorite trope of mine. To be honest, I always feel like it is a lazy way out of a relationship built. It's also one of the things that drives me away from MF romance several years ago -- and moved to MM romance. So I truly didn't care about this because what came next, with Ace determined to have Sierra to stay with him because she was having her baby made the romance felt forced.

+ Ace felt a little too condescending and I didn't feel their actual attraction. I wasn't convinced with their romance, Ace's change of heart, and their happy ending.

Hopefully Colton's story will be better.