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Unstable Stud (Ariel Tachna)

Unstable Stud (Dreamspun Desires Book 8) - Ariel Tachna

I always think that horses are majestic animals. I admire them from afar because being up high on their back is kinda scary. I have only two experiences in my lifetime of riding them. So in terms of Luke and his connection with King of Hearts in this book, I really enjoyed it. I liked that there were details day-to-day activities of Luke and the stallion up to the part where Luke learned how to ride King.

I also liked Luke as a character -- I liked his thoughts, his determination, his kindness ... and I liked that he knew how to fight what he wanted. He didn't just give up when Clay made a decision for them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the romance between Luke and Clay, his boss and the owner of Bywater Farm, it was underwhelming. The problem to me was not the slow-burn romance (they shared their first kiss in what, 3/4th way of the book?) but more that the romance felt unbalanced.

The story was written solely from Luke's perspective. So I knew what he was thinking about his boss. But Clay remained a mystery. I didn't get the feeling from him as a character. I didn't know how, when, or why he started to pay attention to Luke. Was it because Luke was the only person (other than him and Joe, the horse trainer) that could get close to King? But was that it? I wish there were more to it than that...

I guess I wasn't really convinced because Luke also spent more time with the stallion rather than with Clay. I got more relationship feel between Luke and King rather than Luke and Clay.

So all in all, the writing is good and solid but I'm not exactly sold on the romance.