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Pulling Leather (L.C. Chase)

Pulling Leather - L.C. Chase
3.5 stars

Again, I didn't really remember about Scott from the first book. The Prologue chapter took care of that early on though ... so I was prepared to deal with a very closeted man who hated himself from being gay, hated everything gay because it was rooted from his family background.

It wasn't really easy to like Scott because of his internal conflicts. He took one step forward two steps back the whole time. Scott could admit to himself that he was gay, but he was doused in fear and acting defensive when having to deal with it with other people.

Somehow it also made me sympathize with Scott. His personal struggle became engaging, even if it at times I wanted to give up on him. It is easy for me as a reader to think of what Scott is doing as cowardly. But then I think of this as real life issue, and I know it must not be easy for someone who never really feel comfortable with their own skin to admit about their sexuality. I liked this being a contrast with the second book, where Bridge had no problem at all when he discovered he was bi-sexual and falling in love with a man.

I really liked this for being slow-burn, that Scott wasn't magically cured with his yearning for penis. That it was a hard work for him every single step of the way. Because that made his final acknowledgment about his sexuality a reward for him and me as a reader. Plus that Say Anything grand gesture in the end? Well, that resulted in a HUGE smile on my face.

Of course I loved Cory, he was the ray of sunshine of this book. His positivity and kindness also his unwillingness to see Scott like others have seen him make Cory the perfect guy for someone as closeted and conflicted as Scott.

It was a good read for me :)