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Let It Ride (L.C. Chase)

Let it Ride - L.C. Chase

It had been a while since I read the first book, so I couldn't really remember who these characters were. However, I didn't have any problem jumping into the story -- showing that this can also be read as stand-alone.

I easily thought that Bridge was ADORABLE!! I couldn't help smiling big when he was jittery when trying to tell Eric what he felt. He was indeed like a kid at Christmas! I loved how Bridge didn't have any internal struggle when he found that he was bi-sexual (or at least Eric-sexual). I loved how he loved Eric fierce and true. I pretty much couldn't find any faults from him, to be honest.

Eric, on the other hand, yeah, I know that he was heartbroken before, but sometimes I wanted to shake him hard and tell him, "Bridge is not like that!!" At least that reunion in the end was lovely. Yeah, it was sweet bordering sappy. And I could do with less sex and poetic words. But my romantic heart is currently winning against my sarcastic one so I ended up loving this.