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Something Like Love (Sara Richardson)

Something Like Love (Heart of the Rockies) - Sara Richardson

2.75 stars rounded up

Meh, it was okay, I think. The thing is, I didn't particularly impressed with the romance. The whole thing happened in one week, and I despised instant relationship, especially those happening in very quick timeline. Unless the author could write very convincingly, it is rather rare for me to enjoy anything happens that fast in a romance book. And I don't think Paige and Ben's relationship (or love story) is convincing. I can't understand what drawn him together, except for physical lust.

I was also quite pissed that Gracie (Ben's mother) wasn't exactly getting ramifications for what she did to Paige. No matter how she apologized, her actions led to Kevin slitting that raft that hurt Paige, and she got away with it?! Nope, I couldn't accept it.

But I couldn't lower the rating because apart from each other, I actually enjoy Paige. The part where she finally talked with her Mom after Paige found out that her mother has MS brought me to tears. I also liked Paige when she interacted with Julia -- in fact Julia was also another shining star in this book. She definitely stole every scenes, and winning my heart better than her brother, Ben.

PS: My lowest rating is always 2-stars, it is very rare that I give a book 1-star. If it's that bad, I usually bail before I finish. So yeah, that that 2.75* rating as you will :)