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Dead Man (Domino Finn)

Dead Man (Black Magic Outlaw Book 1) - Domino Finn

I took a chance with this new-to-me author because I always crave for urban fantasy with male protagonist. While it took me quite a whole to finish it but I guess I liked it enough. I wasn't completely invested with the voodoo ritual part of the book -- I mean, I enjoy urban fantasy stories with magic, but voodoo (with their rituals and their gods) is something different altogether. Which was why I was keep being distracted with romance books instead.

However, I liked Cisco's 'voice'. I also found his backstory and what happened to him with the losing memories to be quite appealing. To think that he killed his own family because he was turned into a killing machine zombie!!. Think of the atonement he could make *lol*. So yeah, I thought this could be a potential for good urban fantasy series.

So I probably check the second book.