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Taking Heart (T.J. Kline)

Taking Heart (Healing Harts) - T.J. Kline

It had a promising start -- I liked the idea of Julia working with therapy dogs and Dylan was a soldier with PTSD. I was imagining a lot of interaction -- cute, adorable ones -- between Dylan, who was at first dead set against having a dog, with a dog that Julia had chosen for him

But then, this story TOOK A NOSEDIVE with TSTL heroine, instant love [Julia and Dylan fell in love and Julia was pregnant within TWO WEEKS (hide spoiler)], two-dimensional villain, and over-the-top push and pull drama that just drove me batty. I wanted to wring Julia's neck for being too stupid and ignorant about her own life, and giving the lamest excuse ever! And Dylan, the whole transformation from having PTSD to someone else when he was around Julia just wasn't believable.

Man, even the dogs could not save this for me. And they were the only good things I could think of from the book.

Now I am not sure if I want to continue the series. Book one also has instant love. Sort of. At least the couple have history before, so I could somehow deal with it. I am still feeling annoyed with this one to even think about starting the next books.