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Love Like the Medici (Edmond Manning)

Love Like the Medici - Edmond Manning

Keeping in line with travel theme (after Ariel Tachna's The Path) since I will be having my own vacation in about few hours (from my writing this review).

I thought this was okay. I mean, it didn't spark any intense emotion. I was lost with the World of Warcraft explanation and to be honest, I just didn't connect with Chris' passion with his 'guild' (not a gamer here, I apologize). I also thought this was a little instant love (or at least very quick in falling in love, in terms of timeline) though I appreciated the lack of on-page sex scenes.

However, I enjoyed the foreign city setting. I loved seeing the city from both Enzo's eyes (as a local) and Chris' eyes (as someone who suffered a blow, having his things stolen on the 2nd day but then discovered he found so much more afterwards). The ending was sweet too.

I would love to be able to visit Firenze myself someday -- at least to ogle David's ass with my own two eyes (and hands) *lol*