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The Path (Ariel Tachna)

The Path - Ariel Tachna

3.5 stars

I wasn't as emotionally invested to Benicio and Alberto as I do with other couples I love better, although I did like them. I also wish for less sex scenes at the second half of this book. I mean, it felt like those moments were stretched out to fulfill a 'sex-scene' quota, or to reach a novel-length requirement. I understand that the relationship is slow-burned, and it took a while to get there, and Benicio was a virgin ... but still, never a huge fan of heavy sex scenes in my book *shrugs*

However, this book won in other thing: the vivid telling of being on the hike path to Machu Picchu, and the embrace of a different (Peruvian) characters and culture. I LOVED that part so hard! I felt being immersed with the journey of the tourist groups; Benicio was a talented guide!! I loved his way of telling the stories to the tourist. Of course Alberto was also amazing, because of his experience.

I loved how Tachna wrote the tour experience differently, from the easy ones to the challenging ones -- challenging because of the group members and/or the nature. I know that Tachna went the path herself before writing this and it showed. It made me want to visit the place -- though I'm not sure if I can survive the hike *lol*.

This part made The Path memorable to me. I'm sure that I will always remember the book as the one bringing me Peru and Machu Picchu. Plus I read this while waiting for my own vacation (no, not to Peru, unfortunately) to start tomorrow, so it fit with my mood/excitement of traveling.