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King of Diamonds (K.M. Penemue)

King of Diamonds - K.M. Penemue

3.5 stars

For a short story, I thought King of Diamonds was able to offer a glimpse of two ex-lovers, separated two years ago because of social class differences and parent's disapproval, who reunited for a while during Vis-a-Vis a four-days-every-four-years festival.

K.M. Penemue didn't immediately explained what happened between Rhen and Lelan, but as a reader, I was able to make conclusion from their conversations. The flow worked. I thought the hurt and anger were conveyed well, despite the short time I spent with both men. My favorite part was the chapter before the Epilogue. It showed what kind of person Rhen really was -- despite him being a thief and a trickster.

I really liked the vague, open, hopeful ending. It fit with the tone of the story. This was my first experience with Penemue's writing and it was good :)