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A Better Man (Candis Terry)

A Better Man: A Sunshine Creek Vineyard Novel - Candis Terry

I loved Candis Terry's Sweet, Texas series, so I immediately bought this one. I love to have new contemporary romance series to follow, you know?

The first chapter was rather sad -- when Jordan found out about his parents' death right after winning the game *sniff*. I couldn't imagine the turmoil that he experienced. But I loved what he did afterwards, that he decided to be with his family, to get to know his younger sister (whom he 'lovingly' called baby dragon *lol*) and to make things right.

I also love hero and heroine with history between them, so this one definitely fits the bill. I liked how Jordan approached that issue with Lucy. I mean, yeah, sure the explanation came years late but Jordan racked up THOUSANDS points in my eyes after he did the prom scene for Lucy. He surely raised the bar for his brothers *lol*.

Near the end, I said to myself "I'm proud of these two", because I did. I thought they showed character progress and there were one or two scenes that just put a huge smile to my face. Jordan for stepping up to the plate (wrong sport analogy, I know) and Lucy for leaving her abusive marriage and made it on her own. Heck, the way that she dealt with that newspaper made me want to fist-bump her or something.

Unfortunately, I couldn't rate it higher because there were also some questions that only given vague or no answer at all, and it dampen my satisfaction a little bit. Like why Jordan left the family? I mean, yes, I understand that he wants to be a hockey player, that it is his dreams. But since he has no family issues, and the siblings seem to be very close, I just don't get the reasons for him to stay away.

I also thought the part with (view spoiler) felt like a vague problem suddenly added in the middle. But maybe it is going to be a kind of serialized arc for the whole series. We'll see...

Next book will be about Jordan's twin Declan, and his assistant. Ooooh, office romance? Bring it!