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No Better Man (Sara Richardson)

No Better Man (Heart of the Rockies) - Sara Richardson

3.5 stars

I had this book for a while now but never felt compelled to urgently read it, maybe because I didn't like the cover much (*lol*). I like my CR cover to have both the hero and heroine. Sara Richardson is a new-to-me author and I believe this is also her debut.

Well, I liked it. First chapter immediately got my attention -- I said "sh*t" during the public proposal scene because I knew what would happen. Lesson to you guys, if you're not certain that your girl will answer yes to your marriage proposal, please don't do a PUBLIC one. It puts high pressure to the women :p.

ANYWAY, I liked Avery. I liked that she could still stay positive even after she was whisked away to the Aspen, Colorado, to avoid the press while doing the business for her father. I also liked Bryce; I felt that his struggle was real, both with letting go of the memory of his dead wife as well as getting better with his addiction. The part where Bryce visited the accident place where his wife died made my eyes all teary.

BUT, I wish there was more tension between them, considering that Avery was there to buy the ranch. I felt that everything felt a bit too smoothly and not enough tension. I also thought Avery's father change of heart happened a little too fast. PLUS, some of the romantic scenes (i.e. Bryce's dialogs) were too cheesy for my taste.

I think I will add this to CR series that I follow :)