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Happy (Chris Scully)

Happy - Chris Scully
2.5 stars

I love my previous experience with Chris Scully’s books – which was why when I saw this available as ARC, I requested it without exactly reading the blurb. Well, I guess it might happens sometimes … that you find a book you dislike from author you love. Because this one is the example. It’s my least favorite all Scully’s titles I have read so far.

My biggest problem with this is definitely the amount of drama. We have Peter contemplating his happiness, his attraction to Louie (who is the big brother of the girl he is supposedly dating), his dissatisfaction with working at family restaurant because his father seems to be dead set on not changing anything for the better, his father’s heart problem, his mother not welcoming the idea of homosexuality ...

… and of course we have Louie, who crushes on Peter, who currently dating his own sister, and Louie is only recently returned home after breaking up with his closeted boyfriend. Plus somehow Scully decides to throw other thing or two, like Louie’s sister dating a black guy, or the other one with Peter’s ex-fiancée (I totally didn’t understand the necessity of that particular problem)

Man, I felt migraine building in just writing down those paragraphs above!!

I guess I was overwhelmed – and I didn’t feel particularly sympathetic towards both Peter and Louie as characters. It was a little bit too much for me, and I wasn’t even sure if the ending was worth all that drama. I mean, there is absolutely happy ending, but it just didn’t have the ‘punch’ that I felt should be a reward of me sticking around these two men.

I still liked Scully’s writing which explained why my rating isn’t lower. Also as always, Scully focuses on characters and the progress of the relationship, which should be up my alley (except that I didn’t like the characters, alas!). But the drama drowned the romance for me, and I was left with dissatisfaction.

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