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Undercover Gorgon: Becoming (R.L. Naquin)

Becoming - R.L. Naquin

3.75 stars rounded up

This little short story is available for free at Amazon so I decided to snap it up. I always enjoy stories that have Greek/Roman mythology mixed into it, so the idea of Gorgon as a heroine totally intrigues me.

I admit, the first page put me off a little when I saw the name Kathryn Hepburn because it is a glaring typo for one of the most popular actresses in the world. I am not nit-picky about editing since I am not a native English speaker but I admit it clouded my initial judgment. I thought this would be filled with bad editing and such. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a little snob when it comes to self-published stories *head hangs in shame*

Then I carried on ... and I was quickly entertained with it. I loved Patrice's reaction when she found out that she was a gorgon. I loved that she embraces being one, because, hey, she loves snakes! *lol* I loved the humorous tone in here especially during Patrice working as the receptionist -- the transgender cyclops just clinched the deal -- and I could see the potentials. I might keep an eye of a full length novel since I'd love to read more about Patrice's adventures :)

In the meantime, maybe I should check Naquin's Mt. Olympus Employment Agency series...