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Us (Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy)

Us - Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen

Yes, there were things that annoyed me -- like the whole 'men don't talk' trope. Yes, there were times when I wanted to punch one or two characters right on their gonads -- see previous statement. Yes, there were also cliche moments of drama which I might have encountered in M/M romance prior to this, and made me thought, "man, I wish it didn't go that way" -- as in really? being outed because one was going to the hospital/sick/near death situation?!?

But maybe I was in a good mood or a forgiving mood, or I just wanted to silent my inner bitch for a while and enjoyed the book despite or with the flaws.

Because either way I loved this. Wait, scratch that, I loved the boys so much, I was able to dismiss the things that I usually complained about. I LOVED the progress of Wes and Jamie as a couple as well as individuals; there were character developments, people!! I genuinely thought that their relationship would be stronger now than it was before. And I'm definitely poised to read about their upcoming wedding as well as the next possible couple (either M/M or M/F) shall this become a further series.

So bring it on Ms. Bowen and Ms. Kennedy!