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Take Me, Cowboy (Maisey Yates)

Take Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge) - Maisey Yates
2.5 stars

I didn't realize when I requested the ARC from Netgalley that this was part of the HQ Desire line which made it a category romance rather than full length one from HQN. So I wonder if that was part of my problem with it; that I felt the theme to be rather outdated and the characters didn't fully come alive as the previous Copper Ridge trilogy I read from HQN.

I liked the friends-to-lovers theme, and I definitely amped up with the fact that Anna was a female mechanic. BUT, I totally felt disappointed with "Anna must act like a woman" angle. Nowadays, reading about how a woman needs to be "a woman" with how she looks, how she dresses, or how she flirts in order to attract a man is no longer giving me satisfaction. I'm over that. So the whole plot just rubbed me the wrong way.

At least in the end Anna showed Chase that she wanted more and refused to back down. I loved her for that -- and the porcupine pajama ^^

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