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Unamused Muse (R.L. Naquin)

Unamused Muse - R.L. Naquin


3.5 stars

After breaking the rules during her job as Muse, Wynter Greene is sent to the Underworld for six weeks to work under Hades, CEO of Underworld, LLC.

I totally liked liked this better than book 1. Mainly because I thought Wynter was more improved -- she wasn't as blasé about her new temp job, in fact she showed some initiatives and proved that she could do her job well without too much whining. Wynter also showed could make friends when she tried.

In short, she was more inspiring than Wynter in book 1. I enjoyed her adventure there in the Underworld, even being amused with everybody trying to get Wynter a date, including that Underworld Speed Dating event.

I was happy as well, with finally finding out the truth about Wynter's bloodline. I was already guessing with her name (Greene) plus having a talking plant, Wynter must have something to do with Demeter. But the whole 'unknown father' of her threw me off. I can't recall a male Greek god that deals with plants!! It was entertaining to know now that Wynter's mom was Persephone herself (Hades was Wynter's step dad!)

I genuinely hope that Wynter will continue to progress as a character and to own her ancestry when she returns to the Muse department.