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Nobody But You (Jill Shalvis)

Nobody But You (Cedar Ridge) - Jill Shalvis
3.5 stars

For the past two books, Jacob Kincaid has been the “talk but not seen” character of the Kincaid family. Jacob left town when he was eighteen years old and never comes home (at least to the knowledge of his family). His leaving is part of the big chip on the shoulder of Hud, his twin brother, who is the hero of the previous book. So of course I was highly intrigued and excited to finally able to read Jacob’s story.

I truly loved that part … the part where Jacob needed to deal with his reason for staying away, of finally trying to reconnect with his family, especially his twin brother. I found that particular plot to be emotionally engaging.

Unfortunately, the romance was just so-and-so. I didn’t cheer on their romance as much as I did the others. Jacob and Sophie came together very fast and the ending felt very rushed. I couldn’t really put my fingers on it, but I didn’t find Jacob and Sophie to be as interesting as the previous couples. In fact, I found Sophie to be uninspiring.

Personally, I thought Sophie paled in comparison to Lily (from the first book) or Bailey (from the second). Sophie was broke, her husband cheated on her constantly. Usually this would be time for Shalvis’ heroine to show how feisty and independent she is, however, I just didn’t get that vibe from Sophie. I was having a hard time rooting for her like I did with the previous heroines.

On that particular note, I also felt disappointed that Lily, the heroine from the book that starts this series, was nowhere to be found. It was really weird because she was an integral part of the Kincaid family, being Aidan’s girlfriend and all. In her place, we had Kenna Kincaid (the youngest) and a very sudden, out of the blue, relationship with Mitch. I had to struggle to remember whether it was ever hinted before, and I definitely think it didn’t.

So overall, it fell below my expectation and wasn’t my most favorite from Shalvis. I liked it for some parts, but not the others.

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