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Wild Things (Jennifer Ashley)

Wild Things -  Jennifer Ashley

3.5 stars

This short novel focuses on Wolf Shifter Mason McNaughton, the younger brother of Broderick McNaughton from Bad Wolf. The outcome of that book -- Joanne's sister's mate going feral -- is basically the main problem in this one, as Mason needs to team-up with a female psychic (Jasmine) to search for Shifter Healer.

Now, the romance for me was so-so. It was pretty much quick attraction to the whole mating-bond thing. Definitely not memorable ... then again, I also knew what I was getting into. Jennifer Ashley didn't really offer a new formula in this series. Mason and Jasmine were okay, but the truth was, I totally loved Jasmine's haunted house much better. Seriously, that house rocked my socks off!

However, Wild Things did give me more glimpse of Zander, the polar bear Shifter Healer, who will get his own story in book #9. I was lucky enough to be able to read the ARC of White Tiger (book #8) and I totally liked what I saw so far of this character. Hopefully his would be one of the better stories for me.