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Winter Wonderland (Heidi Cullinan)

Winter Wonderland - Heidi Cullinan

3.5 stars

Kyle the ice sculptor / knitter / nurse / baker / sweet top won my heart. He just defines this story for me. Sure, Kyle may be a little too good to be true, but what the heck, this is a holiday-romance after all. It's all magic and glitter and happy ending.

Paul, on the other hand, seems to be a little passive when it comes to his family. It just didn't match well with my impression of the one who told Arthur that he wanted a real relationship in the previous book.

I guess I want the ending to be a little neat, perfectly tied with rainbow, with Paul stands up against his family (for the sake of his niece, at least), tells them to f*ck off as he takes the path of happiness with Kyle.

The sex scenes ... well, few authors can write sex scenes that grab my attention for each words they create. Cullinan, unfortunately, is not one of them *shrugs*.

But outside of that, my romantic heart was happy.