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Carniepunk: Freak House (Kelly Meding)

Carniepunk: Freak House - Kelly Meding

Still on high after finishing Kelly Meding's The Night Before Dead, I decided to purchase this short story. It previously appeared as part of the Carniepunk anthology. However, I always prefer to buy the stories separately because I prefer to read only from the authors I like.

I highly enjoyed this -- the idea of a djinn offspring with her own power, that has so much potential for a full urban fantasy series/novel, no? For a short story, this one was satisfying to me. From the characters and their background, the conflict (Shiloh's djinn father was kidnapped and trapped as a show in a freak house), world-built (albeit short), as well as the conclusion.

I don't think I've read many urban fantasy with djinn power, so I'll love to explore that someday.