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Blurred Lines (Lauren Layne) - DNF Review

Blurred Lines - Lauren Layne

DNF'ed at 38%

NOPE. Not working for me. It is not the writing's fault -- Lauren Layne writes wonderfully, the friendship feels unforced, and I liked the banter.

BUT, there is a reason why I don't particularly eager with YA/NA genre in overall. I can't connect with the themes most of the time. I mean in this book, in the first 38%, what I got was basically Parker being dumped, and she thought about doing casual sex, and I assumed it would be for the last 62% as Ben and Parker moved to the lovers part of their relationship.

That was my problem. I wanted MORE than that. Okay, disregard of my asexuality, what I want when I read about new adults are things that 'happened' to me at that age. Getting my first job, dealing with paying taxes for the first time, having money to finally travel ... ability to do my hobby now that I have MY OWN money, navigating office politic as the new girl, getting performance review and fret about it, going out with colleagues after office hours, etc., etc. I couldn't care less about Parker not having sex for the past two months, or how Ben thought it was 'not healthy'.

I guess I want to read about new adults who EMBRACE the outside world now that they are, well, 'adults', rather than just focusing on romance and relationship. Man, I loved it when I was able to travel SOLO when I got my first paycheck. It was the sense of financial independence -- not having to go back to my parents and ask for money. Sure, love and relationship matters, but I want it to be just one facet in a new adult story, not the core of it.

So yeah, this didn't work for me on that level. I couldn't connect with their problem. Not one bit. Better quit now than later. And go back to ADULT romance instead.