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Stone Cold Lover (Christine Warren)

Stone Cold Lover - Christine Warren

2.5 stars

While I was quite entertained with Fil's snarky self in the beginning but as the story went, I found myself getting detached, further and further. Fil's hot and cold attitude annoyed me and I wanted to snap at her. I guess it became MEH fast. I just couldn't fully immersed with this world nor the couple; and I started skimming to get to the end.

Oh, I totally called the part with (view spoiler); that part was rather glaringly predictable (similar to the villain in book #1).

Well sometimes it happened, I just need to find another series that I feel more invested with *shrugs*

PS: Nope, I don't think I'll continue with book #3, no matter how I thought Wynn's name (Wynn Myfanwy Llewellyn Powe) to be frickin' cool.