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A Gentleman's Position (K.J. Charles)

A Gentleman's Position - K.J. Charles
A Gentleman's Position is the last book of K.J. Charles' outstanding Society of Gentlemen trilogy; this time bringing the happy ending to Lord Richard Vane who is in a sense the patron of the Ricardians and his loyal valet, redhaired David Cyprian. For the past 4.5 years, David has been harboring sexual attraction towards Lord Richard, without completely knowing that the feelings are mutual. The intimate setting of a valet and his master just adds the delicious tension between the two men.

While in the first two books the historical context of Cato Street Conspiracy plays a significant role in pushing the other couple together, A Gentleman's Position has rather different situation. The book primarily sets after the event that puts Silas Mason into Richard's household; thus there aren't really any urgent matters that Richard or David as his right arm have to deal with, at least until halfway of the story. Because of that, readers are initially treated with the passionate push and pull between Richard and David -- especially after our foxy is bravely admit his feelings first. In which that nitwit Richard rejected due to his firm stance over relationship across social classes, between the privileged and less privileged.

I swear, I spent a number of times fuming over Richard and the giant stick up his ass!! This is probably why I will never be a good candidate for the upper classes. I am not good in following those unwritten rules about being a good gentleman (or in my case, lady). Of course, Richard's situation is added to the fact of forbidden punishable relationship of that era regarding sodomites, but still, his views and values regarding the working class are too rigid and too narrow-minded. I was very proud of David, though, for reminding Richard that not being a gentleman doesn't mean that he isn't worthy. You GO, David!

As always, Charles' writing is excellent. The second half of the book felt like a suspense thriller, with our gentlemen with David's help trying to find a way to save few of their members from threats of blackmail and accusation of sedition. It was highly engaging and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It's a wonderful and satisfying ending to the trilogy. Although I won't mind if Charles offers updates about these characters in the future; short Christmas codas maybe? *laugh*

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